Have you ever checked out Sniplits at http://www.sniplits.com/?  How can you not love downloadable short fiction? If you sign up for the weekly newsletter, you’ll receive a free story every week. I may be biased because not only is one of my short stories (Crazy) available for download – it is included in one of the three ebook anthologies published by Sniplits 🙂  Check ’em out on Amazon!

All that info circles back to the ebook vs print copy and adds audio books to the discussion.

In addition to Sniplits downloads, I listen to Book Radio on the way to work. It makes my hour commute bearable.

I guess any and all forms of books are fine with me. This weekend I’ll start sending out my Children’s Book, Jumping Joey to any and all possible publishers where it might just find a home. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.