I saw the saddest thing on the way to work this AM. The car in front of me swerved, so of course I slowed down. There in the middle of the road was a smooshed female duck. She looked pretty bad, flat as a duck pancake. The male duck was circling around her, kept walking up to her then would back away from the lane of traffic, trying not to get hit himself.

Do ducks fall in ducky love? I read someplace they mate for life. Now will he mourn for her if he doesn’t get smooshed too? Will he move on to another duck in the neighborhood? I know it is just a duck, but he looked so sad I have been thinking of him all day.

I guess this isn’t the stuff of children’s books, but will fold it neatly and keep it in my brain to be added to a short story yet to be thought of.

Ideas for books and stories are all over. Where do you get yours?