When I gave up FarmVille a few weeks ago, I vowed to use the extra time I used to spend each night harvesting virtual crops and feeding fake creatures for something much more productive.

Enter Darcy Pattison’s timely blog post about her accomplishment of writing every day for a year. That line caught me right away. I always have a good (in my mind) reason I have to do something other than write. Then I moan that I’m not getting anything on paper.

 I had to go to Darcy’s blog to find out her secret. First of all, she claimed the same problems with making excuses I was using. Hummm – maybe I should follow her lead since we seem to think a bit alike.

 She wrote about a website called 750 words a day. Plain and simple – it is a great motivator! You can write whatever you want. Each word is counted, the time it takes you to write the 750 (or more) words each day is tallied and you get points. And they have challenges – like writing every day for a calendar month. Oooooo! I love goals.

 Call me Type A, call me the oldest child in my family, call me crazy – I’ve heard it all, but I LOVE a challenge. Even if it is only me challenging me to do better. I had to sign up for September!

To be honest, I am not sure I can write at least 750 words a day. But I am on day 3 of trying! It has been a bit easier these first few days because first of all it is a holiday weekend so I’m not at work for 12 of my waking hours a day. I have a sprained foot and my hubby has a fit when I hobble around, so I’ve been sitting in my chair much more than usual. And finally I am always gung-ho when I start a new project. Who isn’t?

Your 750 words is just for you. You can use it like a diary, write short stories, write a book…just write.

I had a link saved in my email for a while about a call for submissions for a Thanksgiving anthology. I opened it on Friday night, August 31 when I started my 750 words a day. The story was due September 1.

 Normally I would delete the link because it would be crazy to try to write a short story in 2 days and submit it. Ah, another excuse.

 So I put on my big girl panties, sat down on Friday night and started typing. I got it just past 750 words (feeling an odd sense of accomplishment when the little pop up let me know I reached my 750 for the day!) and left it to finish yesterday.

 I actually finished the story yesterday afternoon. After printing it out to proof, we went to dinner and a movie. Doesn’t everyone when you have a deadline looming?

 After we got home, I proofed it again and sent it off to the editor. It is a waiting game to see if it will make the anthology or not. Of course that would be the best ending to this saga – but even if it isn’t chosen, I have a wonderful feeling of satisfaction that I wrote a complete short story, following the guidelines and set it off for the first time in over a year. No excuses this time!

 So thank you Darcy and thank you 750 words a day!

Check out her blog darcy@darcypattison.com and check out 750 words a day at  http://750words.com/. Hope you like both of them as much as I do!