Oh My God! Signing up for 750 Words was the best shot in the arm for my writing in a long time. Due to my competitive nature, I actually am making time for writing. Six days in a row and counting!

But the best part of this whole endeavor is my short story that was written on 750 Words the first two days was accepted for the anthology I submitted it to! I am super excited – holding my breath until I sign the contract which will be sent in a week or two.  I hate to blow my own horn, but sometimes shameless self promotion it totally called for. Watch for my blog with all the details soon!

Today I was trolling websites in search of a contest, call for submissions or any other source of inspiration for my next project. I have two children’s picture books that are complete – one of them has been through two critique groups and tweaked until it squeaked.

The other has been sent out several times with no interest so far. I think I am going to deconstruct it and use a mock-up to see if I can get more visuals and less telling of the story.

I have two more picture books in the works, but both need more work before being sent out on their own in the world. I’m thinking of revising the rhyming book because rhyming books are so hard to get right and it is a hard sell to get publisher’s to look at them. But I like the story so I don’t want to totally abandon it.

I also have a cozy mystery that I started quite a while ago. (Read about 8 years). I should start from scratch on that one also. Love the idea, but need to revamp and get more action going.

All that being said, I am seriously considering starting a murderous short story about Halloween instead. Even though the air is still steamy I am thinking about pumpkins and goblins because it won’t be long and fall will be here. Off I go to write something sweet or scary. I’ll keep you posted.