I have to write a synopsis page for the picture book I wrote. I need guidance.

When I looked on the internet, there were so many sites that explained now to do this, it was daunting. I finally settled on Writing for Children and Teens. (http://www.writingforchildrenandteens.com/) It was a pretty clear outline as to what needs to be done.

The basic points to remember are the need to give the reader a clear idea of what happens. It needs to be interesting to read on it’s own. The focus is on the main characters and the plot. I don’t have to worry about subplot and the minor characters aren’t really an issue because there are only a few. Will this matter?

Just like any piece if writing, there are three parts to every synopsis. The beginning, the middle and the end for a total of three to five paragraphs. Oddly enough the website says that writing the synopsis “…should only apply to chapter books/novels. Writing one for a picture book is kind of silly.” Well. If the editor asks me to write one, then write one I shall.

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 The blog goes on to say that I should write up to eight paragraphs for the beginning, then some for the middle and end. Now I am picturing the issue with a PB because the synopsis is going to be more words than my book. I am just going to be brief, to the point and edit, edit, edit until it comes out polished and perfect.

Now for the details of the sections. The first section, or beginning, sets up the context of the story. It includes the main characters. Age, setting and reason you stated the book at the place you did should all be included.

The middle will be where I have to list the chain of events that increase the tension that leads to the climax or end of the story.

The end describes the climax and then the resolution.In a perfect synopsis, the story will come full circle. Whew. This will have to be much tighter than I imagined, but if I stick to the guidelines set out, I think I can do this!!! After all, I did write the PB that has gone through a one critique group twice and another one once. Deep breath, a big nod of thanks to Cynthea Liu for her extremely excellent detailed instructions and I’m off to write! (As for my choice of pictures – they’re a nod to the picture book I wrote)

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