Yesterday was a day of writing. I made sure my children’s picture book was as tight and perfect as possible. Then I polished the synopsis that I wrote last week. My bio was tidied, my resume was updated.

The last thing to prepare was the answers to questions requested by the editor. I have been jotting information for about a week to add, then created a document with the answers (hopefully) that were needed. Part of the instructions for the proposal packet asks how I would promote my book if it were to be published.

There are so many ways now to get the word out about a book debut. You are reading one of them! Blogging is a great way to promote your work. Twitter, GoodReads and FaceBook are all vehicles to spread the word about books, short stories, magazine articles … anything you write can be written about.

The world is changing so fast these days. What happens on one side of the world can be seen and heard just about anyplace else within minutes if not seconds.

I don’t think social media can replace face to face contact with readers, but would argue that it really holds an important place in today’s promotions.

If my book is picked up, I was brainstorming out of the ordinary places I might market it.  Because it has puppies in it, I am thinking pet events like pet parades, pet adoption events and maybe even pet stores and veterinary practices may be a connection.

Thinking outside the box could get my children’s picture book out to places that are unusual and interesting.

And classrooms! I love being in schools. I worked in an elementary school for over ten years and loved the kids and their enthusiasm. It would be such a great honor to be able to read my book to them and donate copies to the learning centers.

And libraries! I spent so many hours in my local library as a kid. I used to walk downtown at least once every 2 weeks to get books. When I was smaller, there was a branch library in my elementary school. Ah,the smell of books is better than perfume!!!! I know not everyone believes this,  but for me it is true.

I am getting way ahead of myself. Yesterday I compiled everything, had my fabulous husband proof all of the documents and sealed them in the envelope.

This morning I sent my manuscript off to the acquisition editor of a Chicago area publishing house along with all of the other info requested. The editor requested my manuscript, so I am fairly sure she will give it a serious read. While I bite my nails and imagining what may possibly happen if she likes it.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂