This week’s writing has been very productive. I’ve completed all of the  informational documents that the editor requested for my picture book. It was mailed on Monday and late yesterday afternoon I received an email letting me know that they manuscript and all of the other paperwork arrived safely. I will know within a month if they choose to publish my book or not.

I received the contract for my short story that is going to be included in a Thanksgiving e-book anthology. As soon as I get the information from the publisher about when and where it will be available, I will blog it far and wide!

I’ve entered a contest for a free critique on Writing for Children and Teens website. This is such a great website, with so much valuable information, I highly recommend it to anyone who writes or wants to write for children from picture books to young adult novels.

My latest endeavor is another picture book. I’ve written the entire manuscript, but have to leave it alone for a week or so. Then I’ll start picking it apart, sentence by sentence to boil it down to tell the story in the best way possible with a lot of images for the future illustrator to make it come alive with pictures as I make it come alive with words.

I have two other children’s books picture that I need to cut up to make sure there are enough spots for the illustrators. I will get those down within the next few weeks and start sending them off on their own into the world of publishing – hopefully they make it 🙂


thanks to google docs for the great images