Maybe it is because I was a first born child. Maybe it is because I have a type A personality even though in my heart I would really love to be such a laid back type B I’d fall into the Cs if there was such an animal. Anyway, I function better with goals.

They can be little ordinary goals, such as the list of things I need to get done on the weekend. Extraordinary things such as clean the wood floors, iron, clean out the fridge…you know all the stuff we hate to do but have to.

They can be much larger goals. One of my goals this year has been to get a children’s book and/or magazine article for children published. This goal may or may not be met, but logically thinking I made a sort of “publishing plan”.

First – I had to write something for children. Duh, couldn’t publish a kid’s book if all I was writing was for adults. So I’ve been writing, rewriting and writing again. And I also read any children’s books, current and classics. I suggest you read the type of books you want to publish also. It really helps.

Second – I am active in my children’s critique group on Yahoo. The gals are the best ever. They are honest and encouraging. I would suggest anyone writing in any specific genre look for a critique group to join. Mine is online, because it is difficult for me to be someplace on a specific day and time each week. Whatever works for you, go for it!

Third – I had to actually submit my stories to editors, agents and magazines. Anyone that is trying to publish anything needs to be thick skinned. One of my children’s picture book manuscripts as been rejected 4 times this year. Each time I get the bad news, I rewrite again. Might be a little, might be a lot. But it will make me a better writer someday. I hope 🙂

Lastly – I need to realize that it may just be so-so, not great and start this whole process over again. Will I get published? Who knows. Will I give up? Nope. Maybe I’ll be a retired grandma before I get a book published, maybe I’ll never see it happen. Either way, I am not giving up. My type A won’t let me 🙂

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