There are as many websites, books and blogs as there are children’s picture books. Most of them have the same underlying theme. Read, write, submit. Repeat until you have it right, repeat some more to make it better than right. Find someone who loves your story as much as you. Hope and pray it all works out.

That is the path to the perfect picture book. Or so it seems. It is the “go withs” as my son would say, that make the meal – and perhaps the perfect picture book.

A good story is the perfect lasagna. Grandma’s old world recipe, fresh from the butcher ground beef (or tofu if you are so inclined), wonderful cheeses from the little store that smells like Sunday dinner and homemade gravy (sauce by another name).

But does it stand alone? Maybe. If you are lucky. But most family members and friends want a bit more. Not to mention the kids and parents you want to read the book you write.

So dig deep while that lasagna is cooking. Pull out the freshest veggies and make a huge, colorful salad.





Tickle their noses with the fragrance of warm garlic bread wrapped in a linen towel.


And be sure to add a sweet ending – gelato or lemon knots, maybe spumoni. Now you have something that pleases everyone and, in turn, pleases you.


Start with a tried and true recipe. Use the best ingredients (words) possible. Add color and action then finish it off with something sweet. That is how I’d suggest writing a picture book. I’m off to try and follow my recipe to perfection. 🙂

thanks google docs for the great pics