Book Review


Desert Baths

A nature picture book
written by Darcy Pattison
illustrated by Kathleen Rietz


Animals and birds in the desert don’t take baths like people. Darcy Pattison takes children along with her on a trip through the desert to find out how desert animals clean themselves. They learn all kinds of fun facts along the way.

Twelve desert creatures are highlighted. Birds, bats and bobcats take unique baths. One creature even uses bugs to bathe! Teachers and parents can use this interesting book to teach children about weather, different climates and geography.

Each of the desert dwellers are brought to life with Kathleen Rietz’s magnificent, realistic illustrations. Detailed animals and complex backgrounds grace each page.

There are six pages of learning activities that will encourage further discussion about the desert and the creatures that live there. There is an additional teacher’s guide available that expands learning by additional fun activities. It includes a word search puzzle, a matching game and instructions to make your own bird bath, a coloring page and other fun activities.

Darcy has written books for children and adults, she has been published in eight languages. Her website is a wealth of knowledge just waiting for writers and want-to-be writers to check it out.

Kathleen is an Illinois native, who teaches art classes when not illustrating books. See more of her work on her website:

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