The Huffington Post has interesting articles for readers. I am sure other publications have wonderful articles too, but Huffington intrigues me by sending little teasers to my email. Of course I signed up for said emails because who doesn’t like a little tease now and then?

Today’s Huffpost Book email was titled: A Strange Place to Read. Hum, interesting enough to check out. They are asking famous authors where they like to read. Fun and weird all at the same time.

That got me thinking. I am actually like Sam I Am. I will read books with a fox, in a box, on a train, in the rain….you know the words, don’t pretend otherwise! Anyway, I suppose the one place I read most is in bed. All is quiet in the house, the hubby and dog are both snoring next to me. Ah life is good indeed.

But I also read in the car a lot. Especially on vacation. I don’t know how many times hubby has complained that I am missing the ocean view, beautiful fall colors or scary mountain road that is barely wide enough for the car because my nose is in a book. To be honest, it only happens when I am at a really good part. 🙂

Then there is the bathtub on cold winter nights. During a bad Midwest winter, I end up with lots of books that are wrinkled on the bottom from getting too close to the bubbles.

In the spring and fall I can spent all afternoon on my fabulous wooden porch swing that my dad made when I was a little girl. As a matter of fact, I used to spend entire summers laying on that same swing reading library books by the dozens. Now I am way too tall to lay on the swing, but sitting on it suits me just fine.




Where do you read? In a tree? With a bee? Upside down? With a clown?

Just for fun, let me know!