YouTube. What do you think about it? I am on the fence. it can be a great source of information. I look up knitting techniques often. If a stitch is new to me, or the pattern I am using doesn’t quite explain it clearly enough, I can find multiple versions of directions. If the first one isn’t clear, or the person doing the demonstration is hard to follow, there are hundreds more to choose from.

Sometimes I don’t watch the news, and YouTube will supply pictures of top stories I’ve heard about at work or on the radio.

It is handy. I can watch videos on my laptop, cell phone and even on our TV. There is a search feature were we can specify searching on YouTube. Online newspapers often redirect you to videos, some of them are on YouTube.

I’ve seen some really cute videos. Little kids, puppies and kittens. Awwww factor multiplied. My hubby likes to watch videos on monster trucks, crazy cars and weird inventions. Then there are the very, very odd and often disturbing videos.

I linked over to one where a woman has had surgeries to make herself look like a real life Barbie doll. She even holds her hands stiffly like a Barbie. Most disturbing is the blank look on this woman’s face as she puts on her “Barbie” makeup. She layers product after product on her plastic looking face. Four different kinds of eyeliner are used! She is pretty, just like the doll she has molded herself to look like. She shares the vacant look of her doll counterpart also. Scarier than any vampire I’ve ever seen.

Her male counterpart has had about $100,000.00 in plastic surgeries to recreated himself into a Ken doll. His doctor admits he has too much silicone in his body to be healthy, but this human Ken doesn’t care. He claims it all started when he hated his nose. After 10 (yes, you are reading this correctly) surgeries, he “almost” likes his nose. Did he not see the horror that Michael Jackson ended up with for a nose after way too many surgeries on it???

YouTube gives audience to people who crave attention for the odd things they do to themselves. It is absolutely true that you do not have to watch them. Sometimes I have to believe people need to have the opportunity to share different live styles and quirks with the masses.

Other videos disturb me on another level. When you finish watching one, a block of pictures enticing you to click on them opens up. As you scroll over with your mouse, you can choose whatever you want to see that is more or less related to the video you’ve just seen.

After watching fake real Barbie layer on her fake face there was a girl in a Dallas Cowboys jersey getting her head shaved. I don’t know why because I didn’t have the sound on while watching it and it was too painful to watch again. She obviously agreed to have it done. The guy shaving her head was kind to her, even kissed the shaved part of her head as she sobbed. Maybe she was undergoing chemo and was going to lose it anyway. Perhaps it showed her strength by telling the ravaging chemicals “SO THERE!” I hope so. UPDATE I just read she did this aver a football bet. Seriously???

I am not adding the links to any of these videos. They are easy enough to find if you search for them. I don’t want to help anyone go viral. One website I checked out stated YouTube has over 4 billion views a day. Wow. a lot of people either have a lot of questions or even more spare time on their hands.

If you crave YouTube attention, or want to go viral, you can Google it and there are marketing websites that tell you can do to increase your chances of your video going viral. One has a formula that looks pretty complicated to me.

Maybe you have a product you want to advertise or book you have to sell. Hey…maybe I can find a cute baby turkey to help me promote “The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping” on YouTube! Then I’d need a camera person, sound expert, maybe lighting specialist, jingle writer…sounds complicated to me. Probably the baby turkey part would be the hardest. What would I do with it? Maybe put it in a cute little pen and keep a camera on it 24/7 and post THAT on YouTube too! Nah, I think I’ll stay pretty much clear of YouTube and baby turkeys, no matter how cute either of them are.

I’ll leave the whole viral video concept to a generation younger than me 🙂

(images thanks to Google – they have everything in images!)