It pains me to announce that the website I did book reviews for is gone. The owner of the site, a brilliant man, was going to pull the plug sometime this year because he couldn’t get enough reviewers for the number of review requests he received, but a mistake by his hosting service deleted all of the reviews for the past several years. So he decided enough was enough. 

I learned a lot from him – thank you Tony Burton! And will miss the email from him listing books he has available for review. I stepped outside my comfort zone and read different books from often unheard of authors. I will miss the excitement of finding one in the mail and cracking the spine to find a new favorite.

My writing improved by turning phrases and looking harder at at structure and content of everything I read, not just the books I was reviewing.

I will continue to review the books I read here and on Goodreads, but will truly miss The GenReView. Thank you Tony – I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity you gave me by allowing me to review for your site the last few years.

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