A Dark Dividing

Sarah Rayne

Felony & Mayhem Press


480 pages

$14.95 (Pub date: June 2011)

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

Genre: Mystery Fiction

This is quite possibly the best book I’ve read in the past year. Rayne’s rich characters and layered plotlines that connected and concluded satisfyingly at the end made this book nearly impossible to put down once I began to read it.

Harry Fitzglen, a self-destructing journalist, is given the task of reviewing an art gallery opening. He is oddly drawn to the photography display by Simone Anderson, the aloof artist with a hidden past. Her photo of a crumbling eighteenth-century mansion not only piques his interest, it pulls him deeper into the life this mysterious woman.

When asked to dig into Simone’s past and the mystery of her missing twin sister by his editor, Harry cannot resist. The quest leads him back 100 years to the abandoned orphanage in her photo, named Mortmain – translation: Dead hand – House.

Rayne takes us back and forth effortlessly from 1900 to present day, never losing the reader as she weaves the tale of Mortmain House, Simone’s childhood and Harry’s search for the truth.

As soon as this book hits the shelves, run to your bookstore, library or computer to get a copy. Mystery fans can rejoice that England’s “Queen of Darkness” is sharing her nightmares with us. I am anxiously looking forward to her next novel.

Copyright © 2013 Laura Hartman