Murder in the 11th House: A...Murder in the 11th House

Mitchell Scott Lewis

Published by Poisoned Pen Press


239 pages

$24.95 Hardcover (also available in paperback)

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

Genre: Mystery

Mitchell Scott Lewis introduces us to David Lowell in his debut novel, Murder in the 11th House, the first in his Starlight Detective Agency Mysteries. Lowell is an eccentric self-made millionaire that relies on astrological charts to guide his daily life, determine what stocks to purchase or sell and solve murders.

In an effort to spend more time with his daughter Melinda, Lowell agrees to help her prove the innocence of an accused murder. Melinda’s client, Ms. Johnny Colbert is accused of murdering a judge that she threatened in open court. Melinda believes her brash, loudmouthed client is innocent and Lowell’s charts confirm his daughter’s opinions. When someone resorts to attempted murder to get the Starlight Detective Agency off the case, the action heats up from a simmer to a boil.

This was a fun book. It was unlike other mysteries, due to the astrological angle. Whenever Lowell met someone new, he asked their birthdate and time of birth so he could work up a chart on them to better understand them. Who hasn’t read their horoscope in the paper at one time or the other? I wanted to contact Lowell with my birth info to have him “read” me! And it was interesting to look behind the curtain a bit by learning what the 11th house (and other houses) represented in the astrological world.

Lewis was spot on creating cool characters for his novel. He promises more by crafting different personalities that mesh and conflict in and out of the the detective agency. I can’t wait to see his next book.

Copyright © 2011 Laura Hartman

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