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An Island of Illusions

Jennifer L. Jennings

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Laura Hartman


Sarah Woods thought she was on a vacation with her husband in Hawaii. Actually, she was tricked by Carter, a PI she worked with in the past, into coming to the island to help him find the kidnapped grandson of a doctor. All of the leads have gone cold, but Dr. Sanborn thinks the person that took his grandson might be in Hawaii.

Sarah has helped Carter before, and is needed again. Sarah’s family doesn’t know she is a sleuth, but her husband knows they haven’t been sharing much lately except arguments. Add Max to the mix – a sexy PI that has worked with Sarah in the past and would like to share more than work with her.

Jennings adds a mix of  interesting characters to a well plotted mystery making a great cozy.

This is the first time I’ve read one of Jennings novels, but am looking forward to picking up another one soon. Thanks to BookBub ( who offered her book as one of the “books of the day” to introducing me to her work.