The Milky Weigh

Bruce S Garrabrandt

164 pages

Garrabrandt’s newest collection of essays and art is a must have. His humorous take on life made me laugh out loud. He discusses his family Christmas traditions, summer camp and dancing. His thoughts on high school algebra echoed mine exactly!

Do not underestimate the power if his prose in these short essays. His descriptions bring the stories to life. With a few words he paints the picture of his algebra teacher as surely as if he used his colored pencils.

His art is an edgy and funny view of everyday happenings, sayings and names with a twist that makes you think and laugh. On the back cover is one of my favorites. He has drawn a self-portrait with a delightfully detailed white rabbit sitting on top of his head. The caption reads “Hare Transplant”.

On his website, Garrabrandt describes himself as a self-taught artist, he states he had the desire, drive and ambition to succeed. He also states that he used to be a serious artist, but he “got over it”. I have no doubts he did a fine job as a serious artist, but personally, I am so happy he decided to “surrender to silliness and begin creating random acts of artistic nonsense”. We need more laughter in this serious world, and Garrabrandt’s musings and drawings are a welcome addition.

On a personal note – thanks to my son Jeremy who sent me this signed first addition for Christmas. I read it Christmas Evening when all was quiet except for the sounds of my laughter.

Copyright © 2013 Laura Hartman