Today my aunt sent an email to me at work. This in and of itself isn’t unusual, but today’s news made me shake my head in wonder. Not the kind of wonder as in wow, but I wonder when and how life changed much. One of her favorite radio stations started playing Christmas music today. November 9th. What the heck?

It is hard to get excited about Christmas when I haven’t even bought the turkey for Thanksgiving yet. We still have leftover Halloween candy sitting in the candy jars around the office.

I understand retailers are trying to catch every dollar they can, but this is getting crazy. Next year will we see candy canes in the kid’s Easter Baskets?

Back in the day when I was a kid (I am not THAT old – so don’t go there!! LOL) Christmas music, specials and holiday displays didn’t roll out until after the Thanksgiving leftovers were eaten. As I write this I was scrolling through the channels and I see Lifetime has started playing Christmas movies already too.

I used to think I was just getting old and had too many responsibilities to love Christmas as much as I used to. It was such a magical, fun time of year, we waited 11 months for the festivities to start. Now it is a magical quarter of the year. No wonder it has lost its luster. By the time we clean up after the 4th of July we are seeing stocking hung and trees tinseled in our department stores.

We still have the reason for the season, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. If you don’t believe, it is ok, but don’t be a hater by scoffing at nativity scenes. They aren’t harming your beliefs if you just smile and ignore them. Just sayin’.

Back to holiday saturation. Christmas lights are up at stores and one of the businesses I pass has totally covered all of their trees in lights already. I shopped for groceries to Christmas tunes this weekend.

Black Friday ads are out and they are starting earlier than ever. Used to be the day after Thanksgiving, then it was early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving, then midnight on Thanksgiving, now it is right after the turkey comes out of the oven, before the pie is cut. Is anything really that necessary to pull you away from a family gathering?

I fondly remember Thanksgivings before this marketing mania where most families gathered together for a wonderful meal and a day of laid back laziness. Add a little football and an afternoon of penny poker with a side of homemade pies and life is good.

Our family is still pretty much the same in spite of the media’s attempt to lure us away from dinner and family to spend a few bucks. It isn’t like we won’t be out there trying to give the economy a boost for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so a few more hours isn’t too much to ask.

This year I’m going to try and keep my happiness with the holidays going. I’m going to fully enjoy each one. Separately. Ok, I’ll probably look at the ads to see what I can get on sale the day AFTER Thanksgiving. No sense in paying full price when I can save some cash by shopping the sales.

So turn on the carols now if you want. Watch all of those Lifetime movies two months before December 25th. If you are happy celebrating Christmas for two to three months, I am happy for you.

I am going to look forward with anticipation for December 1st, then decorate and celebrate for four solid weeks. It will be nice to have an old fashioned December for a change. Even if it is only for mm 🙂