The holiday season is creeping up on us with Frankenstein boots. The Midwest fall temperatures are crispy bordering on cold. We’ve gotten out a few sweatshirts and sweaters, cleaned out the furnace and I’ve started thinking of fall meals.

When you live in a climate that fluctuates from 10 below zero to 110 degrees depending upon the time of year, you learn to cook differently for each of the seasons.

Summer favorites always include homegrown tomatoes and peppers and plenty of other fresh veggies from our weekly farmer’s market. Hubby cooks ribs, chicken, burgers and salmon on a wood fire grill.

Fall brings most of the cooking inside. He still cooks on the wood fire, just not every night. Hubby dressed up in warm clothes and has been known to cook outside when it is  snowing. If he is willing to do this craziness, we are willing to eat the delicious grilled meats.

Several times a week we have soups, stews and crock pot dinners. It is easy to get the crock pot ready at night before going to bed, then put it in the fridge until morning. Right before leaving for work, I put the meal in the heated part of the crock pot, turn it on low and return home 12 hrs later to wonderful smells and dinner ready. Add a salad and maybe hot rolls and we are eating a nutritious meal instead of fast food.

One of our favorites is super simple. You slice up 3-5 potatoes (either red, white or sweet potatoes), add a bag of frozen veggies (I usually use green beans), place 4-5 frozen pork chops or chicken breasts (DO NOT THAW), season (I use seasoning salt), then a can of cream of anything soup. It looks think and icky, but trust me. Put on the lid, turn it on low for 8-10 hrs and enjoy!! The meat is so tender it falls off the bone and the veggies are delicious. Mmmmm Makes me hungry thinking about it.

Tonight I am putting a nice roast in the crock pot for tomorrow. Adding potatoes, carrots and dried onion soup mix will make an easy dinner tomorrow night.