Holy Smoke

Frederick Ramsay

Poisoned Pen Press


247 pages

Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

Holy Smoke is the product of burning sacrificial animals. Frederick Ramsay explains the history and ritual of Holy Smoke in the most interesting way: in the midst of a mystery. Holy Smoke is the final book in a trilogy set in Jerusalem in the year 29 C.E.

Gamaliel, the highest-ranking Rabbi in Judea and his friend Loukas, a knowledgeable and trusted physician find themselves in the mist of murder and intrigue. A body is found in the holiest place in the Temple.  This is no ordinary murder – the charred body is a sign from an angry God or someone managed to dump a body in the place considered the most sacred place on earth for Jews without getting caught.

The mystery widens out into the far corners of Jerusalem. If God didn’t kill the victim, the murderer could be lurking in plain sight. Will Gamaliel and Loukas solve the mystery before becoming the next victims?

Ramsay’s novel is interesting on so many levels, it appeals to a wide range of readers. Mystery lovers will enjoy the challenge of this well written novel’s twists and turns.  If you are fond of cozy mysteries, Holy Smoke, by definition, fits. It has two very unlikely sleuths plunked in the middle of a crime, in an interestingly different setting and the murders are all done “off camera” without blood and gore.

If this isn’t enough to tempt you, add in the bonus of learning really cool facts about life and customs in Jerusalem when it was under Roman rule.  This includes mention of a controversial young rabbi from Galilee shaking things up by doing things like healing someone on the Sabbath, which is against Jewish law.

Frederick Ramsay is as interesting as his book. Check out his website http://frederickramsay.com/ and you will begin to understand where his ability to write so many diverse novels comes from. His background includes serving in the Army, teaching, theology, insurance salesman and working at the BWI airport.  It is the reader’s good fortune that he took all of his life experiences and began to spin stories to intrigue, enlighten and entertain us.

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