Happy Columbus Day Everyone!

I was wrong. I thought it was Christopher Columbus’ birthday. Nope, it is the “official” day we celebrate the anniversary of the discovery of our country since 1937. There used to be more of a big deal made out of the holiday. Parades, most people off of work and school and programs about the Columbus’ discovery of our land by traveling over on the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria from Europe. But now of course there is controversy and political correctness. We all knew there were Native Americans here already. And in all likelihood someone else floated to our shores before Columbus.

All of the sudden Columbus Day celebrations are controversial because the settlement of Europeans in the Americas “led to the deaths of a very large proportion of the native people”. Honestly, let’s brush part of our history under the rug because it may be uncomfortable for someone. Geeze. No one likes to think about the stuff that happened in history that wasn’t on the up and up and harmed others. But how will we learn not to make mistakes unless we remember what happened in the past? Political Correctness is beginning to sound a lot like censorship and that is making me uncomfortable.