The Boogie Trapp

Kerry Copeland Smith

The Peppertree Pressboogie trap


356 pages

Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

Copyright © 2013 Laura Hartman

Alabama backwoods in the 1940s was a smaller community than it is today. Poor families lived side by side, facing day-to-day struggles of survival, just trying to make ends meet and feed their family. Young boys growing up during these times given freedom and responsibilities that would be considered crazy today. They spent time in the surrounding woods and creeks, riding bikes and trying to outwit other boys their age while charming the girls in town.

Written as a memory being brought to light, this story is a confession of sorts. The story of best friends beginning an adventure that was much more than they bargained for.

Boogie and his best friend Trapp were cigarette smoking, beer snitching, girl chasing 13 year olds without fear of the future. They went to church with their families, respected adults and occasionally swiped a few dollars from Boogie’s older brothers to buy a soda or gum.

Dressed up in their Sunday best, Boogie and Trapp can barely contain their excitement. They were invited to a boy/girl party; rumors about kissing games being the featured entertainment made them more nervous than they wanted to admit. They spent the hours before the party goofing around and even found a way to make a bit of money.

Then the day went terribly wrong. Their lives were changed forever as the events tumbled over, around and through them faster than a perfectly chosen rock sent from Boogie’s slingshot. Would they live to tell the tale?

Kerry Copeland Smith hit a home run his first time at bat. He pulls the reader into the Deep South with vivid descriptions of sights, sounds and smells.

The pictures of a quieter time, before cell phones and the internet, that held heart stopping terror that rivals the horrors of today’s headlines fill the pages and the reader’s head.

If you only choose one new author to read this year, make it Copeland Smith.

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