The Demon’s Wife

Rick Hautala

Published by JournalStone


314 pages

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

On the first page of this paranormal romance we find out that Claire, a thirty something redhead will marry Samael, a gorgeous demon, by the end of the book. Getting there is fun for the reader and the author.

Claire and her roommate Sally meet Samael in a bar. Sally practically undresses to get the attention of this hunk of a man (demon) but Samael only has eyes for Claire. They chat, he leaves. When the girls leave, Claire is accosted by a man outside. Samael comes to her rescue. This perfect knight in shining armor seals the deal by being a gentleman when he comforts her.

Sally is still jealous, but Claire is head over heels for her demon lover. Samael admits that he was once an angel, but now serves the devil. Claire doesn’t care, she is in love. But can she ever trust a demon, who appears to be hiding details about his life?

Samael starts feeling strange when he continues back to work reaping souls. Could his love for Claire be opening the door to his conscience that he shut long ago? Will he be able to denounce the devil and quit collecting souls to ensure his happiness with his new human wife?

The couple is on a fast train to marriage and an oddly happy life together when other demons intervene in any and every possible way. They retreat to the fortress of Samael’s mansion with his unusual housekeeper and Michael, who in all probability is an angel. Bees, bats and shape changing demons mix with steamy bedroom scenes, skillfully connecting the reader with earthly reality and fantasy in a perfectly paranormal way.

The classic struggle for good over evil works well in this novel. Rick Hautla wrote it with a forked tongue-in-cheek humor that is amusing and sharp. I have to admit I don’t usually pick up romance novels. That being said, I really enjoyed reading The Demon’s Wife.

Sadly, Rick Hautla passed away unexpectedly on March 21, 2013. Please see his website for more information and the list of his books and short stories.

Warning: this novel does have a few scenes that may be considered “R” rated.

Copyright © 2013 Laura Hartman

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