Vintage Connor: The Blonde in the Lotus Elite

Robert Baty

Published by R. J. Buckley Publishing


311 pages

$19.00 Hardcover

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

Genre: Murder Mystery

Vintage Connor: The Blonde in the Lotus Elite, Robert Baty’s debut novel, roars out of the gate with the force of a nitro fueled engine. Ray Connor, retired police officer, has two weaknesses, vintage cars and an undeniable attraction to Evie, the woman who walked out of his life over twenty years ago.

Evie is back, asking Ray to help find the person that murdered her 21 year old daughter, Janey. The police are convinced it is suicide and don’t appreciate an ex-cop from a different precinct asking questions. Bodies are starting to pile up and Ray’s quiet life of acquiring vintage cars for rich clients is about to take a wrong turn down a dead end street. To add to Ray’s misery, someone stole his vintage silver Porsche 911.

Baty has a great voice for this novel. Noir often sounds like an over-the-top attempt to be a gangster from the 50s. Not so with Baty. The novel is about fast babes and faster cars, but he flawlessly sets the mood with realistic dialog and descriptions that pull you right into the scenes.

I love the rumble of a big block engine, a tough guy that is soft when it comes to women and a good mystery. This book has them all, and was a fast, fun read. I can’t wait to read the sequel, The Girl in the MG in 2012.

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