IndivisibleIndivisible? The Story of the Second American Civil War


Paul Martin Midden

Wittmann Blair Publisher

ISBN-13: 978-0-9859223-2-0

348 pages

Reviewed by Laura Hartman

Genre: Fiction/Political Thriller

Indivisible? The Story of the Second American Civil War begins on a battlefield of the Civil War in 1861. Abraham Bellamy, a soldier for the Confederacy, believed he was a citizen of the state of Georgia, not of the United States. So much so that when General Lee confirmed defeat, Abraham promptly shoots himself.

Fast forward to modern day America. Obama is President and Abner Bellamy, great-great-great grandson of Abraham, feels the same way about the United States as his ancestor did.  Disenchanted by the way the government is moving away from the values this country was founded on, Abner methodically begins to gather like-minded individuals together. Twenty-two men, two from each state that formed the Confederacy, gathered together with Abner to form a new Declaration of Independence.

Another group was also gathering. These were, for the most part, powerful, wealthy and disenchanted with the current direction of the Federal Government. David Blinder was a powerful man with connections and money that he was using to stockpile weapons and favors from influential players in the current federal government.

When Bellamy and Blinder join forces they become a powerful force ready to start the Second American Civil War. Amid leaks in their organizations, federal agents catch wind of the plot. Working at breakneck speed may not be fast enough to save the United States of America.

Midden’s third book is bone chilling. Superbly set in “real time” makes this book even more heart stopping. Everyone in the United States today is aware of the possible threat of terrorists, but the thought of a huge group of Americans working together to destroy the federal government is even more disconcerting.

This well-written thriller will keep you up late into the night reading just one more chapter. Slipping from Bellamy’s group, to Blinder’s group, to the Federal agents and back again keeps the reader breathlessly reading long after an average novel is put on the nightstand.

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